Kérastase Première – Fondant Fluidité Réparateur Conditioner – 200ml


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The inaugural decalcifying repairing conditioner is designed for all hair types in need of restoration. It endeavours to revive the hair’s original elasticity while fortifying its fibres. Upon application, moisture and fluidity are swiftly replenished to over-processed or bleached hair.

In instances where hair is already compromised, calcium buildup exacerbates the weakening of the hair’s cuticle and cortex. Kérastase Fondant Fluidité Réparateur employs a dual-action approach to combat calcium saturation, first decalcifying and then repairing the hair. It counteracts the stiffening effect of calcium found in hard water, forestalling further breakage and affecting repair from within.

  • +28% more supple hair**
  • 97% stronger hair**
  • 7x smoother hair**
  • 82% shinier hair**
  • +86% moisture**
  • 2x softer hair**

*Instrumental test after 6 applications of Première Concentré + Bain + Fondant
**Instrumental test